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Meet King


King is our Chief Morale Officer (CMO)

King, our beloved Golden Retriever, is not only the Chief Morale Officer in our family but also in our business. As soon as our clients walk through the door, King greets them with his wagging tail and friendly demeanor, instantly putting them at ease. He has a unique ability to connect with people on a personal level, making them feel like they're part of our family. King's presence in the office creates a positive and relaxed atmosphere, making it a welcoming place for both our clients and employees. During breaks, King loves to play fetch and even joins in on our brainstorming sessions, providing the perfect distraction when we need a break from work. With his endless supply of love and positive energy, King is an invaluable member of our team, and we're lucky to have him as our Chief Morale Officer.  He does his job well helping the team achieve balance in their life, helps inspire and grow the enthusiasm of our team all while genuinely loving his work. 

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We love what we do, and the greatest reward is feedback from clients expressing their gratitude about their experience while we were either selling their home, helping them purchase a new property or both. We want only success for our clients.