Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips

Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips

  • Caryn Black
  • 12/26/23

Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips



The enchanting flicker of candles, with their captivating and mesmerizing glow, holds a special allure for me. Be it a solitary pillar candle, exuding a heady fragrance, or an artful ensemble of votive candles, each flame dances to its own rhythm, yet together, they create a symphony of rosy warmth that enhances the ambiance.

In the heart of winter, the rustic charm of woodsy lanterns seems to whisper tales of nature, evoking a sense of warmth and earthiness. However, for those who revel in the sparkle and shimmer of light, the unmatched elegance of polished brass stands supreme. Its reflective surface catches each flicker of candlelight, transforming it into a dazzling display of luminous beauty.   We love RH.COM for lanterns because they are sold and LAST! 



Nothing says winter quite like bare branches, particularly when they are dusted with snow, but I much prefer them indoors in a vase or urn, where they can be appreciated from my perch on an overstuffed sofa. I use faux birch branches for exactly this purpose and I tend to favor their pale white tone over a darker variety. The delicate, almost ethereal quality of these pale branches brings a touch of winter's serene beauty into my home. Arranged gracefully in a large urn or a simple vase, they stand as a testament to the season’s stark yet elegant charm. From the comfort of my plush sofa, wrapped in the warmth of a soft throw, I admire these subtle reminders of nature’s quiet transition, finding peace and solace in their unadorned splendor. Their presence is a gentle nod to the outdoors, an artful mimicry that captures the essence of a winter landscape in the heart of my living space.  I always go to my favorite garden center to pick up these branches and birch logs for the fireplace!! 




Perhaps the epitome of winter comfort is encapsulated in the luxurious allure of fur, and what could be more inviting than a sumptuous pouf of it? In my own abode, I have adorned spaces with Mongolian lamb pillows, an exquisite alternative to actual fur. These pillows, with their soft, curly tendrils, mimic the lavishness and texture of genuine fur so closely, they almost deceive the senses. Their fabrication, akin to wool in its process, results in a lush, fluffy cover that epitomizes pure indulgence. Nestling into these pillows feels like an embrace in opulence, a small yet grand gesture to the coziness and warmth that define the winter season.  Try for all your favorites! 



In the world of self-care, there are those who find solace in the calming embrace of a bath and those who do not. For the aficionados of the former, the colder months are a season to revel in. The luxury of immersing oneself in a hot, soothing bath transcends mere routine; it becomes a ritual of relaxation and indulgence. Imagine a tub filled with steaming water, infused with aromatic bath salts that dissolve away the day's stresses. The gentle flicker of candles casts a warm, tranquil glow, while the air is scented with the lush fragrance of fine soap.

And then there are the linens – vintage white towels and bathrobes, their purity reminiscent of freshly fallen snow, their texture crisp and inviting against the skin. Such small details elevate the experience, turning a simple bath into a moment of true luxury.

As for the choice of soap, while my personal preference leans towards the exquisite Rancé Gardenia, known for its rich and enchanting fragrance, I am also fond of exploring other scents. Each variety brings its unique character to the bath, creating an ever-changing palette of olfactory delights. This is the time for those who cherish baths to immerse themselves in this sensory haven, a sanctuary where water, warmth, and fragrance intertwine to create moments of serene bliss


Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Much like the Mongolian lamb pillow, faux fur throw blankets have become really popular in the last few years. And why not? They are soft and luxe and a pleasure to wrap up in. Placed at the foot of the bed they exude a note of pampering to winter guests. Tossed on the couch, or over a chair, they are the perfect defense against winter’s chill.



As we wrap up our journey through the art of creating a cozy winter home with post-Christmas decor tips, remember that the essence of this season extends beyond the festive ornaments and twinkling lights. It's about cultivating a space that resonates with warmth, comfort, and serenity. Let your home be a haven where the soft glow of candles, the richness of layered textures, and the tranquility of nature-inspired elements come together to create a harmonious retreat from the winter chill. Embrace these quieter, more reflective months as an opportunity to rejuvenate and enjoy the simple pleasures that your cozy winter abode can offer. May your home be filled with the gentle, soothing embrace of winter's charm, offering a peaceful respite in this season of renewal. Stay warm, stay inspired, and cherish these moments of cozy contentment in your beautifully adorned winter sanctuary.



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Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips
Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips
Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips
Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips
Creating a Cozy Winter Home: Post-Christmas Decor Tips

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