How To Cash In On Curb Appeal | Biello & Black Group

How To Cash In On Curb Appeal | Biello & Black Group

  • 10/24/22

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, however, many homebuyers tend to do just that. It is important to make a strong first impression when putting your home for sale - and the front of your home is the first thing anyone sees!


By taking the time to invest in some simple efforts to spruce up your curb appeal, you can greatly increase the value of your home and make buyers or any visitors you may have excited to see the interior of your home the minute they pull up. Take a look at some of the tips below for ways you can start to improve your home's curb appeal!

How to cash in on curb appeal


Curb appeal is a phrase you hear and read about a lot when you begin to research the best ways to prepare your property for sale.

That's because first impressions are the most important. Prospective buyers will often take a pass if they see a shabby exterior even though the property itself may be ideal for them.

You want to do everything to avoid that scenario. The more buyers who are interested in your property, the higher the price you're likely to achieve.

Many tasks that will enhance your home's curb appeal are inexpensive and straightforward. 

As local real estate advisors, we know how local buyers can be lured into a home with some simple but attractive enhancements. To inspire you, here are five ways to make a great first impression before buyers have even walked up the drive.


  1. Touch-up the paint – A fresh coat of paint for your windows and sills will create the impression that the home is well maintained. Revitalize your front door with gloss paint. Primary colors and black are very fashionable and make a striking impression. Update the door furniture, too.
  2. Light it up – If your porch light appears a little tired, dated or rusty, then be sure to replace it. Garden lighting that illuminates a tree or edges a path is a fantastically effective addition. While buyers might not see the benefit during the day, we can ensure it's included in the photography of your home. Solar-powered lighting is perfect for this job. 
  3. Get green thumbs – A well-maintained lawn is a striking first feature for any prospective buyer. As you prepare your home for sale, be sure to fertilize the lawn and water it in well so the fertilizer does not burn the grass. Also, try to avoid cutting the grass too short. 
  4. Create a border – A defined border between the lawn and flowerbeds gives the impression of a well-organized garden. You can also revitalize the flowerbeds with a few new plants, as these will accentuate the homeliness of the property.
  5. Use mulch – During a sales campaign, it's best to put down mulch on the flowerbeds to maintain moisture for the new plants and keep down the weeds especially in hotter weather.

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